September 30, 2008

Eye on Rahim Jaffer

There was a Edmonton Strathcona All Candidates Forum I was unable to attend to. Luckily, Ian wrote all about it. Thanks!

Steve Melenchuk asked what the positions were on dead Bill C-61, which dealt with copyright reform.

Rahim Jaffer: Any reform needs to emphasize balance. This bill was a first crack at this issue and reform attempts are not over.

Linda Duncan: The NDP led the opposition to the bill, exposed data throttling by internet companies and we also need to protect individual artists.

Claudette Roy: Favored protecting IP, but should overhaul the bill
Rahim Jaffer's response is consistent to what was discussed in the meeting I was in. I would also like to emphasize the fact the NDP, specifically Charlie Angus, is my hero when it comes to copyright and technology in general.

Edit: Additional link to Charlie Angus on copyright.

September 19, 2008

Rahim Jaffer

On Friday, September 19, 2008 I met with Rahim Jaffer. This marks the last of the 39th Parliament MPs to meet. Rahim Jaffer is also a copyright MP.

Me, Ian R, a engineer, and a Athabasca University professor joined in on this meeting. The issues facing distance learning was a major issues in this meeting. It was great to have a professor along to make points about Bill C-61 and education issues I would not be able to cover effectively.

Rahim Jaffer made a couple commitments.. provided the make up of parliament is not drastically different after the election.
  • There will be a proper hearing for the next copyright bill
  • He will push for a traveling committee.
I also received more advice on what the next step is, which is quickly becoming tradition in every meeting.

Anyone up for helping writing a summary on the Fair Copyright for Canada - Edmonton Chapter's view on copyright legislation?

The Big Wrap Up

It shocked me how much I care about copyright law. It shocked my friends even more how much I care about copyright law. Although it is really not just about copyright.

I have gone to 8 meetings, 2 open houses, 2 rallies, and 1 round table. That is not even mentioning the pages and pages I wrote on Bill C-61 and I have come to one surprising conclusion...

It is actually pretty easy to get your voice out there if you try. All it takes is one step at a time. If you have sent a form letter then try sending a personal one; If you have sent a personal letter, make a phone call; If you made phone calls, then schedule a meeting. Contrary to popular belief it is not hard to get a meeting... with one notable exception of course.

Oddly enough I know I made a difference which far exceeds my original goal of being able to exclaim "at least a tried."I will probably take a break for a while; after all, I've done my part. *nervously looks around*

September 5, 2008

James Rajotte Meeting

My third meeting with James Rajotte was a bit more casual. Instead of talking about specific problems about Bill C-61 I was able to talk about what I would like to see in a copyright bill. It was a nice change to give ideas on how to deal with piracy instead of exclaiming "your doing it wrong!" I hope he considers my ideas and it gets to who ever drafts and introduces the next copyright bill. I wish him luck on his election because he always gave me respect and listened to my spiels.

One more meeting and I'm done with meeting MPs.

Well, the 39th Parliament MPs anyways.