September 30, 2008

Eye on Rahim Jaffer

There was a Edmonton Strathcona All Candidates Forum I was unable to attend to. Luckily, Ian wrote all about it. Thanks!

Steve Melenchuk asked what the positions were on dead Bill C-61, which dealt with copyright reform.

Rahim Jaffer: Any reform needs to emphasize balance. This bill was a first crack at this issue and reform attempts are not over.

Linda Duncan: The NDP led the opposition to the bill, exposed data throttling by internet companies and we also need to protect individual artists.

Claudette Roy: Favored protecting IP, but should overhaul the bill
Rahim Jaffer's response is consistent to what was discussed in the meeting I was in. I would also like to emphasize the fact the NDP, specifically Charlie Angus, is my hero when it comes to copyright and technology in general.

Edit: Additional link to Charlie Angus on copyright.

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