October 7, 2008

Response to the Conservatives '08 platform: Copyright

Taken from the platform

A re-elected Conservative Government led by Stephen Harper will reintroduce federal copyright legislation that strikes the appropriate balance among the rights of musicians, artists, programmers and other creators and brings Canada's intellectual property protection in line with that of other industrialized countries, but also protects consumers who want to access copyright works for their personal use.

We will also introduce tougher laws on counterfeiting and piracy and give our customs and law enforcement services the resources to enforce them. This will protect consumers from phoney and sometimes dangerous products that are passed off as reliable brand-name goods.
I really hope when they say reintroduce they do not mean it will be a carbon copy of Bill C-61. All the MPs I have met with agreed that Bill C-61 has problems. I imagine they will have a hard time telling me a carbon copy of Bill C-61 "strikes the appropriate balance" with my knowledge that they know better.

How do I know my MPs know better? I met with them one at a time, multiple times.

As for the ACTA, I would love to talk more about it but it appears to be a secretive treaty. Yay democracy :-(

I would also like to give a hardy congratulations to the NDP for getting my donation. The tag team of the Conservatives and the NDP turned me from political apathy to donator!

..I have no idea what the next step after donating is but it scares the heck out of me.

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