October 30, 2008

Perspective: The new cabinet

Apparently it is new cabinet day today. Hooray!

It looks like Jim Prentice is going to be falling off my radar as he is moved to the Environment. I am going to miss driving down to Calgary and chilling with Fair Copyright for Canada - Calgary Chapter.

The new Minister of Industry is The Honourable Tony Clement. The new Minister of Canadian Heritage and Official Languages is The Honourable James Moore. May they do awesome jobs and consult with Canadians.[1,2,3,4]

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Kempton said...

Hey Corey,

I am going to miss seeing you and a determined group of Canadians trying to effect changes for fairer Copyright for Canada.

At the same time, my better half is happy that I won't have to spend much time on this "Copyright thing". May be it is time for someone to start up a Parry Sound–Muskoka, Ontario (Tony Clement's riding) chapter of Fair Copyright for Canada. (smile)

Like you said, I hope he will widely consults with Canadians first before opening up the Copyright files again.

Best Regards,