December 16, 2008


As most people know by now copyright law as been pushed back. I am still trying to get meetings but until I have one to talk about I will post at least once a month with what I have been reading in monologue fashion.

One article I read which interested me speculates about the consequences of the political gamesmanship on copyright law.

It is official that the MPAA wants the U.S. to bully us into (most likely) abusive intellectual property trade policy (Read: Copyright legislation). No big surprises there.

Is Canada becoming a digital ghetto? I don't think it is becoming a "digital ghetto". Lets leave the term "digital ghetto" for countries with ISP filters. I purpose we are becoming digitally backwards. Anyone out there have any better terms for our current digital policy?

Hey! Look at that. The RIAA are still bullying people. Disobeying Court Orders? Check. Suing students? Check. Questionable tactics? Check. Forcing abusive laws? Check.

Edit: Interesting news on Tech Dirt and Ars.

The CRTC interests me. First they ruled on the Bell throttling case. I wasn't ecstatic about the ruling but Michael Geist explained it to me. They then make a ruling that makes me quite happy. The new media hearings is going to be a event to watch. I am cautiously optimistic.

Canadian Blank CD Levy To Increase By Another 38%. *sigh*

My friend discussed about this scheme. I didn't think anyone would actually try it but there it is.

I hope I'm not this bad.

Funny how one of my main topics in a meeting is easily covered by a comic and my fear easily covered in another comic.

I am definitely refusing.

I have no lead up to this comic site besides saying I'm a huge fan. I recommend visiting it often.

...And that is it for now. Come back later for more ranting, more links, and more meeting summaries (I hope).

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