March 17, 2010

Ground Breaking Ceremony

With the recent event's of Bill C-499 and M-506 not to mention the speech from the throne and Tony Clement's response to it means I need to break ground on a new essay which is the first step to meeting a MP. The first MP I meet with in person gets a copy of The Public Domain! Admittedly I will deface page 206 by highlighting a paragraph but it is a small price to pay to get a almost pristine book.

Here is the passage I am highlighting:
In this chapter I want to offer a suggestion that in any other field would be stunningly obvious, boring even, but in the funhouse mirror of intellectual property appears revolutionary. We should make our policy based on empirical evidence of its likely effects and there should be a formal requirement of empirical reconsideration of those policies after they have been implemented to see if they are working. Why is this a good idea?

One day I will not be the copyright guy because there will be good legislation in place and in the back of my head there will not be the nagging thought of "why don't you do something about it?"

Step one in building my essay is find out what happened with the Online Consultations [1][2]. Secondly I need to find out what a motion is besides jokingly making a motion for Chris to buy me a pop and hoping someone will second it.

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