October 19, 2011

Fair Copyright for Canada: Alberta Chapter?

The plan to mass message the Edmonton and Calgary chapters through facebook did not go as planned. Facebook for some reason would not send the mass message so it appears the Alberta chapter will remain a dream. I guess the chapters will not be in shape to fight the good fight this time. I will instead comment on the debates that interest me most.

On day one It was interesting to see Mike Lake speak.
Mr. Speaker, I will come back quickly to the conversation around long distance education. It is important to note that the hon. member repeatedly referred to the taking away of rights. Of course, nothing would be taken away. Benefits are being added. Additional opportunities are being added, through this legislation, that simply are not there right now.

We had to strike a balance between creators and the users of the content, and we think we have struck that balance. If we look at the 39 hours of testimony, so far, at the committee stage, we see witness after witness speak to the balance that we have struck with this legislation.

I wish I could have met the guy so I could at least try and show how this bill is not balanced even if it would have been futile.

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