August 12, 2008

Bill C-61 - Release day

Before Bill C-61 was tabled everyone had a one day heads up. I contacted whatever media I could come up with to make sure they covered the story. At very least I tried. Apparently while I was at work Joel Gotlib tried to get in touch with me. "When sending e-mails and and making phone calls remember to leave your contact information". Lesson learned. At least Michael Edward picked up my dropped ball.
CFRN news coverage
Vue Weekly

Michael also created the first Fair Copyright for Canada - Edmonton Chapter meeting. A admit I was a bit hesitant about the meeting at first but it turned out great.

The Following is the introduction for my letter in response to Bill C-61:

Bill C-61, An Act to amend the Copyright Act had its first reading on June 12, 2008. Before the bill was released I did everything I could to get my voice heard. I sent e-mails, went to rallies, met with Members of Parliament, and sent in questions to the Minister of Industry, Jim Prentice. The results were less than acceptable. The questions I sent to Jim Prentice went unanswered and Bill C-61 with it's sections dealing with Technological Measures and Rights Management has what I feared despite my efforts to show the harm of such measures. In short, my voice and many others were not heard by those drafting the bill.

Now with the bills release I will do what I have done in the past, only more so which is why you are reading this letter. I will send more e-mails, go to more rallies, meet with more Members of Parliament, and send a new set of questions to Jim Prentice. I do this because the bill as it stands should not be passed. I don't believe it is a made in Canada solution and I don't believe it is fair and balanced. I would like to have a bill I can feel proud of as a Canadian citizen. Bill C-61 is not it.

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