August 25, 2008

Reply by Rona Ambrose

Dear Mr. Grajkowski,

Thank you for your recent correspondence to our office. If you are not satisfied with the response from Minister Ambrose, I urge you to contact the Minister of Industry directly to obtain more detailed explanations regarding your concerns. The contact information for Minister Prentice is as follows:

Minister of Industry
C.D. Howe Building, East Tower, 11th floor
235 Queen Street
Ottawa, ON
K1A 0H5
(613) 995-9001

Regarding your request for a meeting, we are unable to accommodate a meeting at this time.

This shall hopefully be the last time the name Rona Ambrose crosses my blog. I may never know where Rona Ambrose stands on Bill C-61. I do know where she stands when it comes to my vote.

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Kempton said...

Hey Corey,

I am disappointed by Rona Ambrose's original canned response and her office's willingness to simply passing the bug back to Industry Minister Jim Prentice.

Ultimate, we were told to ask our own MPs for help and assistance and when we actually do ask for help, this is what we get? No wonder many Canadian voters are turned off by their elected-representatives.

The hope is we will exercise our votes and help to remove politicians that don't even try to listen.