August 16, 2008

Jim Prentice - 2008 Stampede Breakfast

So, it came to pass on Saturday, July 5, 2008 I would drive down to Calgary yet again to attempt to meet Jim Prentice during his stamped breakfast(1,2). I did that after a cup of coffee of course.

I noticed those who went to the last rally came to this rally more prepared. There were more signs, more hand outs, more CDs, more t-shirts, and more people. Kempton Lam once again organized it.

This marks the first time I ever met a plain clothes officer. He was friendly enough though.

It took me and my friends working as a cohesive team to position our selves in such a way that Jim Prentice had no choice but to accept the letter we worked on for him. Pam, Jim Prentice's handler, was scarily efficient at blocking all those who wished to speak with him.

To this date I have yet to ever hear of any kind of response to Bill C-61 from Jim Prentice that Canadians deserve. I never used to care about politics and I came out of the stamped breakfast still a activist quietly longing for my political apathy.

Ah Jim Prentice.. Why didn't you consult in the first place? Then we wouldn't be in this mess and I could go back to watching T.V.

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